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Ask the Experts - September 2015

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In this month’s Edition we have a couple of questions around looking less tired, because it’s back to school season and everyone wants to start the term as they mean to go on - bright-eyed and fresh-faced!

I have heavy bags under my eyes, but the idea of having scalpels that close to my eyes scares me! Is there anything else I can do to make myself look less tired?

You don’t have to worry about slicing your delicate skin with scalpels, there’s a fantastic non-surgical alternative that will freshen you right up. It’s designed to reduce the appearance of dark circles and sunken, tired eyes, using Dermal Fillers in what’s known as the Tear Trough

Filler Injections are injected with a very fine needle along the line of the hollow - and if you’re concerned about the idea of having needles close to your eyes, don’t worry! We use fillers that already contain anaesthetics so you shouldn’t be uncomfortable, and only a qualified doctor will carry out the procedure.

I just want some pampering now that the children are back at school. Is that something you do?

We do indeed! Treating yourself to some precious “me time” can be vital to keeping you stress-free and happy (both of which affect your appearance), and at Aesthetic MediSpa we don’t just offer cosmetic treatments, we’re focused on making you feel great in lots of different ways.

We offer pampering, rejuvenating and therapeutic massages, including Indian Head Massage, massages, including Deep Tissue Massage and Swedish Massage. We also have a range of amazing Deluxe Aesthetic Facials, which bridge the gap between the Medi and the Spa - so you get a wonderfully pampering treatment using products that are scientifically designed to give radiant results.