Cheek Augmentation / Cheek Lines and Wrinkles

Full and beautifully soft, rosy cheeks can light up your face and reflect good health and inner radiance.

At The Aesthetic MediSpa we believe aesthetics is an art and our signature cheek treatments are designed to restore the natural fullness and contours of your face. This is very different from the puffy faces many of us have seen when unfortunately common sense gets lost in the cosmetic world.

Contouring & Volumising

Medical studies have show that the true perception of beauty lies in face shape, so it is no wonder that cheek contouring and volumising is one of our most popular treatments at The Aesthetic MediSpa.

Adults blessed with naturally fuller cheeks generally appear years younger than their peers, which is why we use that concept to help our patients defy the ageing process.

Plumping and lifting the cheeks with subdermal fillers has now become more popular than the more traditional approach of filling in lines and wrinkles, as people see the natural face-lifting effect that fillers can have in their cheeks.

In a young face, the widest part is at the cheeks but as we age, the cheeks deflate and excess skin falls toward the jawline, resulting in the widest part of the face now at the jawline. Subdermal Fillers are used to restore the former fullness to the cheeks, which also creates a lifting effect of the lower face, reducing the lines around the mouth and the appearance of jowls.

The result… a face that looks instantly lifted!

Let us restore your younger face. At The Aesthetic MediSpa you are in safe hands - we understand that sometimes the world of medical aesthetics can be a crazy one, however our philosophy is, and always will be 'naturally improved' not 'noticeably inflated!'

Cheek Lines & Wrinkles

The loss of facial fat and fullness from the cheeks together with thinning of the skin, sun exposure and a lifetime of smiling, laughing and other expressions, further results in ageing cheek lines. Specialised use of Botox® in the cheeks can also soften cheek wrinkles and fillers injected into the nose to mouth lines can lift these folds.

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