Concerns about Chin

Chin Augmentation / Chin Dimpling / Double Chin

When you think about what makes modern humans unique, the chin is probably not the first thing that comes to mind but this bony protrusion is not seen in any other hominid species.

A variety of theories have been proposed for the development of the human chin including protecting the jaw from mechanical stress to sexual selection and attractiveness to the opposite sex!

Chin Augmentation

The evolving understanding of the concept of beauty has seen an increase in the popularity of chin augmentation. Men and women, young and old, are realizing that the chin and the jaw, along with other parts of the facial skeleton, have an important impact on the way we’re perceived.

Many patients don't realize they have a 'weak' chin but recognize that something is out of proportion on their face.

Dermal Fillers are a quick and simply way of restoring the balance to your face.

Chin Creases and Dimpling

The mentalis muscle is located on the front of the chin and in some people it causes the overlying skin to wrinkle and dimple when they talk, smile or eat. At The Aesthetic MediSpa we use Botox to relax this muscle causing it to lie flatter resulting in reduced chin creases and smoother skin over the chin area.

For more established horizontal chin creases Dermal Fillers are used to lift and smooth the skin from beneath resulting in smoother skin and a smoother chin.

Chin before & after photos

A photo of a person receiving Chin treatment.
A photo of a person receiving Chin treatment.

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