Fat Dissolving injections

  •   Removes stubborn areas of fat
    Do you have certain body areas resistant to diet and exercise?
  •   Ideal for double chin and jowls
    Can also treat areas stomach, outer and inner thighs, hips, knees etc.
  •   Professional, safe and no scars
    Aqualyx® is only carried out by medically qualified and trained profesionals.

A New, Redefined You

In today’s health conscious world, we strive to look and feel our best, but many of us suffer from those areas of localised fat that just don’t seem to want to go away.

At The Aesthetic MediSpa can now help with a non-surgical solution for those stubborn areas of fat with an injectable treatment called Aqualyx fat dissolving injections. Aqualyx injections are not a "weight loss injection" and should only be used to treat areas of fat that do not go away with diet and lifestyle changes.

  • Permanently removes localised areas of fat that don't go away with diet changes and exercise
  • Aqualyx™ can be used to treat fat deposits all over the body including: Stomach, Outer thighs, Love Handles, Bra Bulge, Chin and Jowls, Inner thigh, Knees, and under the buttocks
  • Quick treatment taking approximately 30-45 minutes in total
  • Aqualyx fat removal injections are very safe with over 4 million successful treatments carried out worldwide
  • Only fully qualified Doctors carry out these treatments, so you know you're in safe hands

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Treatment Facts

Procedure Time

30 - 45 Minutes

Recovery Time

Up To 2 Weeks

Back To Work

Next Day

Duration Of Results



Not Required

Number Of Treatments

1 to 4

About your practitioner

Dr. Samantha Gammell

Dr. Samantha Gammell

Founder and Clinical Director

Dr. Samantha Gammell is the Founder and Medical Director of both The Hadleigh Clinic and The Aesthetic MediSpa and is the former President of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine. She graduated from the Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine with a Medical Degree and a First Class honours degree in Molecular Medicine. As an advanced and highly-qualified specialist, Dr. Gammell regularly trains other professionals in all aspects of medical aesthetics.

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