Banish unsightly thread veins

  • Embarassed wearing short clothing?
    Regain your ‘leg’ confidence
  • Sclerotherapy is the Gold Standard Treatment
    Highly effective treatment for unsightly thread veins
  • Only Doctors carry out Sclerotherapy in our clinics
    Safe, 30 minute treatment

Gold standard treatment for thread veins

Commonly found on your legs, thread veins, also known as spider veins, are tiny red or purple veins in the skin. . .This problem, although not serious affects 60% of adults

Thread veins are easily treatable, with a very safe and well-established procedure known as sclerotherapy which the Aesthetic MediSpa has been successfully carrying our for many years

  • Very safe procedure carried out by a fully qualified Doctor in a clinical environment
  • Overall improvement of 80-90% following treatment.
  • This treatment is a permanent solution to the treated veins.
  • A typical session only lasts about 20 minutes

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Sclerotherapy before & after photos

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- Before & After

Treatment Facts

Procedure Time

30 Minutes

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About your practitioner

Dr. Samantha Gammell

Dr. Samantha Gammell

Founder and Clinical Director

Dr. Samantha Gammell is the Founder and Medical Director of both The Hadleigh Clinic and The Aesthetic MediSpa and is the former President of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine. She graduated from the Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine with a Medical Degree and a First Class honours degree in Molecular Medicine. As an advanced and highly-qualified specialist, Dr. Gammell regularly trains other professionals in all aspects of medical aesthetics.

Sclerotherapy - Customer Reviews

I was offered Sclerotherapy to solve the problem of thread veins om my legs. After 2 treatments it was completely successful and I'm thrilled with the result.


Buckhurst Hill

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