Concerns about Thread Veins

Remove veins on the face & body

  • Unsightly spider / thread veins on the face or legs, easily treatable
  • Effective treatments improves the quality and appearance of the skin
  • All treatments carried out by highly trained and experienced medical practitioners ensuring your safety at all times

Up to 60% of adults are affected by cosmetically unsightly Thread Veins or Spider Veins on the face, legs or other parts of the body. They can develop as a result of pregnancy, standing or sitting for long periods of time, weight gain or simply due to ageing and genetics.

Remove Unsightly Thread Veins

Thread veins can be unsightly but don’t feel you are stuck with them. The two main treatments for thread veins are micro-sclerotherapy and laser therapy.

The treatment of choice for thread veins on the legs. Sclerotherapy involves injecting a liquid agent (sclerosing agent) through a tiny needle directly into the thread vein. The injections cause the veins to collapse and fade harmlessly. With just a few treatments, the skin on your legs could lose that "road map" look, and you could once again feel more confident about bearing your legs.

IPL Skin Rejuvenation
The treatment of choice for thread veins which are too small to inject such as thread veins on the face. IPL therapy emits light energy which is absorbed by the blood within the vessels. This results in generation of heat which coagulates and destroys the vessels. These vessels are then reabsorbed by the body and this together with the additional rejuvenating effects of IPL treatment, improves the appearance and quality of the skin.

Treatments Used