Permanently freeze away stubborn fat

  • Reduces fat permanently by up to 40%
    92% of patients report a noticeable difference after just one treatment
  • Non-invasive, no scalpels, no needles, no scarring
    Coolsculpting is the ONLY fat freezing technology to have FDA approval
  • Over 1 million treatments carried out worldwide
    100% safety record

Transform Yourself Without Diet, Exercise or Surgery

If you are frustrated by the resistance of certain body areas to diet and exercise, COOLSCULPTING IS THE SOLUTION.

Developed by Harvard Scientists, Coolsculpting has swept America by storm and is now the most sought after fat reduction treatment, worldwide. This revolutionary cryolipolysis® technology targets and freezes away stubborn areas of fat, permanently and safely.

See The Results

Coolsculpting Timeline

The above timeline shows the typical transformation that can be seen from Coolsculpting treatments.

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Treatment Facts

Procedure Time

60 Minutes

Recovery Time


Back To Work


Duration Of Results



Not Required

Number Of Treatments


CoolSculpting - Customer Reviews

Excellent clinic, Excellent results After having 3 children I found my body shape changed loads and no matter how much exercise I did, nothing would get rid of the new areas of fat I'd developed. I'd read about CoolSculpting in a magazine and came to see Dr Gammell for a consultation. She first assessed whether I'd be suitable for the treatment and then we spoke at length all about it – she didn’t mind answering my numerous questions! I felt very comfortable in her hands so I decided to go ahead with the treatment a couple of weeks later. I didn’t feel any pain throughout the whole thing (it was just a little cold at first which you soon get used to). Dr Gammell talked through all the after care and what to expect. I began to see results a few weeks later and by 2-3 months I could really notice the difference in my clothes. The before and after images speak for themselves and I'm so happy I had it done – it was definitely money well spent!

Emma Hills


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