3 Ways To Smooth Skin

3 Ways To Smooth Skin

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Of all our client requests here at Aesthetics Medispa skin clinic, Essex, we often find people ask us how they can get softer, smoother skin. There are so many ways to achieve this, both with cosmetic treatments at our skin clinic, and with at-home methods, so we’ll share our top ideas in this month’s blog post.

Laser hair removal


Laser hair removal is a great option for clients who want to remove hair from pretty much any area of the body – such as the back, legs and chest – and get skin that’s free of the fuzz or that irritating, post-shave stubble.


There are lots of benefits to laser hair removal, from being virtually pain-free (it reportedly feels like a tingling sensation) to being effective on any skin type. It also has minimal downtime – the usual side-effects are slight redness or sensitivity to skin.

Skin peels


Also known as chemical peels, our skin peels effectively turn back the clock as they strip off the older, drier skin and reveal the younger skin below. One of the biggest advantages of skin peels treatment is that there are different intensities – so you can have a superficial skin peel that just takes off the outermost layers, or go deeper into skin to for a more thorough treatment.  


Following your skin peel, you’ll likely see some of, if not all of, the following results: smoother, younger skin; a gorgeous glow to skin; and more even pigmentation.


Dermal fillers

Although typically considered to be a wrinkle treatment, dermal fillers can impact your appearance in lots of different ways – and one benefit is the smoother skin you’ll likely enjoy following treatment.

Dermal fillers plump skin with carefully targeted injections of hyaluronic acid, so you’ll have boosted volume and skin elasticity. What’s more, by filling in wrinkles and hydrating your skin, dermal fillers can help your face take on a more softened, smooth appearance.


At-home advice

 There are lots of ways you can help your skin to look softer and smoother at home, too. These include:

- Exfoliating – which helps remove dead skin cells and reveal the younger skin beneath

- Moisturising – using a good-quality moisturiser can help refresh and rebalance your skin, giving it a radiant appearance

- Suncare – using appropriate levels of suncare when out and about can help protect skin from the sun’s damaging UV rays, which are associated with signs of ageing


Book in with Aesthetics Medispa

Now that we’ve talked you through our top treatments for giving your skin that soft and smooth boost, it’s time to decide on the right one for you. Luckily, we can help – just get in touch one of our skin clinics based in Essex or Rickmansworth via our contact page, and we’ll book you in for a consultation.