Anti-Wrinkle Injection Myths

Anti-Wrinkle Injection Myths

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Our Essex skin clinic is no stranger to transformative beauty treatments – and anti-wrinkle injections are just one way to enhance your appearance. Today, we’ll dispel common myths about anti-wrinkle injections, and provide more information about this popular and effective treatment.

1. Anti-wrinkle injections hurt

    Whenever needles are involved in any kind of medical or cosmetic treatment, people can be immediately put off, worrying that the injections will be painful or that they might suffer bruising and tenderness afterwards. We use very fine needles to carry out our anti-wrinkle treatment, which reduces the likelihood of these side-effects, and we may be able to use a numbing agent to help reduce any sensitivity at the time of treatment.

    2. Anti-wrinkle treatment looks fake

      Our anti-wrinkle injections target specific areas and concerns you may have about your skin. The procedure is carried out by fully qualified professionals with countless successful treatments behind them, and they also use an artistic eye to strike the perfect subtle enhancement. With anti-wrinkle injections, you should still have movement in your skin and we aim for a natural result.

      3. Anti-wrinkle injections are poisonous

        Most treatments involve using a chemical that – if eaten – would be poisonous. However, in the same way you wouldn’t drink a skin serum or eat a face cream, these substances are perfectly safe to be applied to the skin (or in this case, injected). Decades of successful tests and scientific study back up the safety of anti-wrinkle injections.

        4. Anti-wrinkle treatment can make you go blind

          Any kind of injectable treatment – or indeed any medical or aesthetic treatment – comes with an element of risk. However, serious side-effects are extremely rare. Our experts will always discuss side-effects with you before you undergo treatment, and of course it’s important to remember that many serious side-effects are simply caused by inexperience (such as injecting the wrong area, like too close to a nerve) and this is minimised by visiting a professional clinic such as ours in Essex.

          5. Anti-wrinkle treatments can’t be reversed

            This is both true and false, because although there’s no chemical that can dissolve them, the effects do wear off in a matter of months. This is why so many people favour anti-wrinkle injections over surgery, because though long-lasting, the enhancement isn’t permanent.

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