Busting Botox Myths

Busting Botox Myths

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Botox is the best-known and most widely used aesthetics treatment, but, surprisingly, many people still don’t feel fully informed about what’s involved and how these anti-wrinkle injections could help with ageing concerns. As a highly successful and reputable skin clinic based near Essex, we think it’s important to inform our clients about any treatment they have with us and are on a mission to bust some of those common myths – from the unusual to the downright untrue!

1)Botox is highly toxic

It’s something we often hear, and not least because the full name of the treatment – botulinum toxin – has the word ‘toxin’ in it. Although botox is a type of toxin, it’s not toxic for the purposes of anti-wrinkle injections. It’s relatively safe (though there can be side-effects) and it’s considered by many in the industry, as well as our own clients, to be a better option than plastic surgery.

2)Botox can make you blind

We’re now in the territory of side-effects – and like any kind of prescription medicine (of which botox is one), there can be some serious side-effects. The good news is, these are really rare and actually, blindness isn’t one, though the NHS does say that it can cause blurred vision. By going to a reputable clinic and practitioner, you lower your risk of these types of serious side-effects.

3)Botox causes your skin to sag

Botox isn’t used to treat sagging in the skin – that’s actually reserved for skin-plumping dermal fillers. Instead, botox injections target fine lines and wrinkles, causing them to appear smoother. However, if you’ve had injections in the wrong places, botox injections can cause droopiness. Again, this is one of the main reasons to seek out a skilled, experienced and qualified practitioner for treatment.

4) The treatment is painful

Recovery time following botox injections is usually minimal – slight swelling or bruising are usually all that’s reported and some people even have the procedure carried out over their lunchbreak. We do keep making the point about seeing an industry expert, and this is true again here – they’ll be able to inject you gently yet effectively, and a fine needle is used to negate any discomfort you may otherwise feel.

5) Results look unnatural

Botox injections have often been criticised for creating a ‘frozen’ look in celebrities – and some celebs have even dismissed further treatment after experiencing these results. In the hands of experts, botox can actually soften and relax your appearance - it’s all down to how much is used, where it’s placed and the training and expertise of your practitioner.

Seeking treatment?

If you’re interested in botox or anything else here at our skin clinics based near Essex & Rickmansworth, please note that we ask all our clients to attend a pre-treatment consultation. To find out about our consultations or any of the treatments we offer here at our skin clinic, please get in touch with our friendly team today.