Can Dermal Fillers Restore Volume To Sagging Skin?

Can Dermal Fillers Restore Volume To Sagging Skin?

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As Autumn brings colder weather and darker evenings, the party season gets closer and closer. Festive parties, dinners and social events with friends, family and colleagues are the perfect excuse to get all dressed up in our most glamorous outfits. However, when you feel self-conscious about your appearance, particularly lines and wrinkles – it can make these scenarios nerve-wracking and uncomfortable. At Aesthetic Medispa, we endeavour to give all of our clients the confidence of gorgeous skin, and recommend Dermal Fillers as an instant solution!

How long do they take to work?

When Dermal Filler is applied to the skin, our Essex clients often notice that loose and broken skin is instantly rejuvenated and tightened, accentuating your face’s natural contour. As well as re-introducing volume to your cheekbones, jawline and tear trough, our diversely effective Dermal Filler treatment eliminates fine lines and wrinkles by using the hyaluronic acid treatments as an absorbent, retaining water and uplifting skin. This leaves you with a youthful glow, and you can dazzle at your Christmas parties!

Despite the noticeable results, there is the little-to-no time needed for recovery. You may experience some swelling, or potentially some minor bruising but this depends on each skin sensitivity. Any minor side effects will be restored in the following days of your treatment! If you are worried about possible issues, check our article on aftercare tips.

If you would like to enhance your natural beauty and boost your confidence in time for the party season, why not book a consultation at Aesthetic Medispa? During this appointment, our team of highly experienced practitioners will analyse your facial anatomy, and listen to your desired results of the treatment to design a bespoke, personally tailored treatment to suit you.

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