How glycolic acid facial skin peels can improve your looks

How glycolic acid facial skin peels can improve your looks

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The Readers Digest recently published an article about the benefits of glycolic acid when used in facial skin peels. Because it is made up of smaller molecules than salicylic or lactic acid, the article claimed that these sorts of peels can penetrate deeper into the skin. It has been proven to be particularly useful in the removal of congested pores, fine lines and blemishes, as well as a powerful skin smoothing agent. The skin peels should give you a less rough skin texture and a more even skin tone.

The way that it works, is by dissolving the ‘glue’ that holds skin cells together. In this way, it forces an exfoliation of the outer layer of skin. So, let’s have a look at how glycolic acid-based facial skin peels can give you a cosmetic boost and make you look younger.

What does a facial skin peel do?

It may sound like a treatment that will make your skin peel away, but that is what happens. The reason why it’s effective in improving your looks is that along with the layer of skin that is removed, the skin problem that had been frustrating you should also be gone.

When you look in the mirror at home in Rickmansworth, are you most bothered by your fine lines and wrinkles, the acne that you simply can’t shift with over the counter products, or the sun damage, that is a result of too many hours of lying in the sun? A facial skin peel can help with all of these conditions and more besides.

What happens during facial skin peel treatment at our Essex clinic?

Once you’ve had your consultation with our practitioner to assess the condition of your skin and its frustrations, you’ll be invited to make an appointment for your facial skin peel. A peel solution will be painted onto the area of your face which is harbouring your problem skin and left in place for a short period.

Once the solution has been cleansed away, you’ll be able to go home, The patch of skin may tingle slightly, but it shouldn’t hurt. Approximately 6 days later your skin surface in this area will begin to peel away and when the fresh skin tissue below is revealed, it should be without the previous skin complaints you were experiencing.

Please give us a call to book your consultation with us. We’ll happily find an appointment time for your facial skin peel here at our clinic in Rickmansworth & Essex, at a time that suits you.