How much lip filler should I have?

How much lip filler should I have?

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How Much Lip Filler Should I Have?

When it comes to looking and feeling good, long-lasting aesthetic treatments are an effective way to transform your appearance, and can boost your confidence at the same time. One of our favourite cosmetic treatments here in Rickmansworth is lip fillers. Easy, effective and affordable, our clients love their lasting results. We’re going to explain more about them, pros and cons, and how much to have in today’s post.

What’s in lip filler?

First, we’ll start with the basics: what’s in our lip fillers. As a leading aesthetics clinic here in Rickmansworth, we use hyaluronic-based treatments like Emervel, Restylane and Juvederm. These are well-known, fully-tested and widely-used in clinic across the UK – and around the world. Hyaluronic acid is a natural, cushioning substance found throughout the body that diminishes with age.

How much lip filler do I need?

It depends on lots of factors: how quickly your body reabsorbs the hyaluronic acid; whether you’re having a top-up or it’s your first time; your skin age and type; and the shape, size and volume of your lips. We’ll tailor what’s needed to you, and advise at consultation stage about what we recommend.

What are the advantages of lip injections?

Our clients love the subtle boost it offers lips, while others opt for a more striking, dramatic enhancement. It’s relatively low-pain, with minimal downtime or recovery needed, little in the way of side-effects or complications, and quick and easy to administer.

What are the disadvantages of lip injections?

Unlike surgery, lip filler isn’t permanent – though this can also be considered a positive, as it means you can alter the amount you have in future, as well as the locations you inject. It lasts 6-18 months, so many clients opt for top-ups every year or so. Price can also be considered costly, but it’s really a case of ‘you get what you pay for’. Consider it a long-term investment with exceptional results, carried out by a professional.

Where should I have lip filler?

Lip filler isn’t just used directly in the lips. It can also target lines and wrinkles around the mouth, such as between the nose and lips (nasolabial folds) and lip to chin (marionette lines). We’ll always make recommendations tailored to your unique facial shape and skin, so it’s a really bespoke service that works with you to get the results you deserve.

Where do I book my lip injections?

Right here in Rickmansworth. Simply contact us to find out more.