Hyperhidrosis Myths

Hyperhidrosis Myths

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Excessive sweating might not seem like the nicest topic to talk about on the surface of it, but here at Aesthetic Medispa – your skin doctor in Rickmansworth – we’re all about breaking down boundaries and smashing stigmas. There’s no skin we haven’t seen or body condition that embarrasses us, and we want to help our patients feel the same way, and harness that glowing body confidence. In this post, our skin doctors talk about the many myths surrounding hyperhidrosis. Some may seem plausible, while others are wild – but with incorrect information continuously circling the population, it can be a barrier to treatment for many and only enhance negativity and confusion around the condition.

Myth #1: It’s all about washing

It’s completely fiction to believe that hyperhidrosis is linked to how much you wash – or any other aspect of personal hygiene. It’s an extremely debilitating condition that causes many to shun social contact and can disrupt even the most basic, everyday tasks (imagine trying to type on a computer, drive a car, or cook a meal when your palms feel sweaty, clammy or slippery). If it was as simple as how often you washed, we’re sure many of our patients would quickly overcome it! However, there is some truth that excessive washing may make your sweating worse, and using the wrong sorts of products could also have an impact on how much you sweat.

Myth #2: It’s weight-related

Fat is like insulation, so it's true that if you have more body fat, you may feel hotter, sweat more, and take longer to cool down than those with a typical body type. However, hyperhidrosis isn't caused by simply being overweight. In many cases, a cause can't be found, but there are some types of the condition that are linked to medication, illness, or life changes, such as menopause.

Myth #3: Hyperhidrosis is triggered by stress

Stress can certainly make you sweat more in certain situations, but hyperhidrosis isn't a condition you can control. It's not improved by deep breathing or taking off a layer. It's a problem that's constant (chronic) and difficult to manage.

Myth #4: Excessive sweating only occurs under your arms

No, this simply isn’t true! You can sweat from most places on the body, including your head, underarms, groin, palms and even the soles of your feet. You might more easily notice underarm sweat patches – a tell-tale sign of this condition – but sufferers cite many bodily areas as being a problem.

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