Hyperhidrosis Treatment for the Hands

Hyperhidrosis Treatment for the Hands

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Do you have a problem with excessive sweating on your palms?

Excessive sweating can be an unpleasant, stressful and embarrassing condition but it is also manageable with the right treatment. If you are fed up with the years of avoided handshakes and ruined paperwork, it may be time to consider Hyperhidrosis treatment for your hands. This article will outline exactly what is involved in the procedure and what you can expect from the results. Here at Aesthetic Medispa Rickmansworth we can offer expert advice and will help you to make the right decision with regards to your treatment.

What is Hyperhidrosis treatment?

Hyperhidrosis treatment works by blocking signals from the overactive nerves that cause you to sweat excessively. This is done by injecting Botulinum Toxin (Botox) straight into the area prone to sweating, in this case, your palms. Using a grid-like pattern, your doctor will make multiple injections to target your area of concern. The needle is very fine and is used to inject just under the surface of the skin, this means that the treatment is virtually pain-free. The treatment lasts for around half an hour, your doctor will make you feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible within this time. This process is highly effective and essentially stops the production of sweat so that you can function normally. You can be assured that only the highest quality and safest products are used at Aesthetic Medispa.

What can I expect from the results?

The results of the treatment are immediate with no downtime required, you will be able to return to work and your normal activities right away. However, we do advise that you avoid exercise for four hours post-treatment. It should also be noted that results are not permanent and you will need to schedule additional appointments as maintenance. With this treatment, your excessive sweating can be halted for up to eleven months at a time. However, the longevity of results differs from person to person, your doctor will discuss this with you at your initial consultation. Post-treatment, hyperhidrosis sufferers have experienced a better quality of life and reported higher levels of confidence and self-esteem.

How do I book my treatment?

We will be able to offer you an initial consultation which will allow you to discuss what you hope to achieve with this treatment. Your consultation will be carried out by one of our specialist cosmetic doctors who will answer any questions you might have. If you are happy to proceed with treatment, we can schedule your appointment after the consultation or you can contact us at a later date.

Get in touch

If you are considering Hyperhidrosis treatment our expert team welcome you to have a no-obligation chat about how this highly effective treatment can help you. Please feel free to call a clinic to speak to a member of our team and book your initial consultation. We hope that with this treatment, you will be able to go about your day with added confidence and never feel the need to shy away from a handshake. Essex clinic tel: 0203 302 8558 Rickmansworth clinic tel: 0203 302 1530