Laser Hair Removal Pros & Cons

Laser Hair Removal Pros & Cons

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At Aesthetics Medispa, a skin clinic in Essex, we want to help you be your best you. We understand how sometimes, unwanted hair can get in the way of that – and actually negatively affect your confidence. If you’re interested in laser hair removal treatment, read on – we’re here to break down the pros and cons of this common, popular treatment. 

Pro: Low Pain

We offer world-class technology that helps you be both hair free and pain free. In fact, most of our clients compare the sensation of laser hair removal to a ‘hot stone massage’ or report a tingling sensation in their skin.

Pro: All Skin Types

While previous technology wasn’t recommended for use on black and Asian skin, and wasn’t necessarily effective either, our top-class laser hair removal treatment can be used on all skin types – and by both men and women, too.

Con: Several Sessions Required

While you’ll hopefully seen an immediate improvement to the treated areas, it’s worth bearing in mind that hair grows in a cycle – so you’ll need several sessions of laser hair removal to get the results you want.

Pro: Recovery-Free Treatment

Following your laser hair removal treatment with us, you’ll likely be back to your normal, everyday activities with no downtime. While skin can experience redness or sensitivity, this is usually mild and short-lived.

Con: Not Necessarily Permanent

Owing to the repeated sessions that laser hair removal treatment requires, it’s possible that instead of seeing hair-free skin, you’ll see finer or lighter hair instead. This does depend on the area you’re treating, your hair type, and other factors, and we may be able to advise on this.

Pro: Almost Any Area

Whether you’re wanting to remove hair from a sensitive area, or are looking to treat an area such as your legs or chest, laser hair removal can be used on a wide range of skin.

Pro: No-Risk Consolation

Whether you want to go through the treatment in greater detail, have questions or queries about what laser hair removal involves, or just need a chat with us for your peace of mind, we want to make your laser hair removal journey as comfortable and easy as possible. That’s why we offer a no-risk consultation.


As well as this, we’ve made booking easy, too: simply visit our contact page to get started, and we’ll be in touch with you as soon as we can from either our Essex clinic or Rickmansworth.