Surprising Uses For Dermal Fillers

Surprising Uses For Dermal Fillers

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While dermal fillers are an extremely popular treatment all around the world, most people associate them with treating lines and wrinkles. In reality, this fantastic treatment - offered here at Buckhurst Hill & Rickmansworth - can be used for so much more. In fact, you might be surprised to learn about some of the uses of dermal filler. Find out more about it, where it’s used, and why in today’s blog.

Dermal filler explained

Dermal filler is an injectable substance made of hyaluronic acid. This is a naturally-occurring substance that the body tolerates well in nearly all cases. A plumping, moisturising wonder, it’s often used on deeper lines and wrinkles (especially in the lower half of the face) because of its smoothing properties.

Reasons for dermal filler treatment

As we’ve mentioned, dermal filler can help to plump the skin, leaving it looking smoother, more contoured and more youthful. Many of our clients in Essex choose this treatment to combat signs of ageing, but as you’ll soon discover, that’s just part of this procedure’s power.

Uses for dermal filler

Here are a few uses (and benefits) of dermal filler:

- Fill deep lines and wrinkles

- Contour areas of the face, including the nose, cheek hollows and chin

- Revitalise wrinkly, veiny hands

- Smooth acne scarring

- Shape, define and volumise the lips

- Lifting the jaw and earlobes 

Costs of dermal filler

As with any treatment, lots of factors affect the price, including supply and demand, the practitioner's expertise, the number of treatment areas and the quality of the needle used. Rest assured that at our Buckhurst Hill aesthetic clinic, we offer competitive prices that offer real value for money, while administering high-quality treatments with dependable results. 

Alternative treatments

Depending on what concern you’re aiming to treat, it might be that another treatment could give the same results - or even elevate your results. For instance, those treating acne scarring may benefit from a chemical peel, or for lines and wrinkles, it might be that anti-wrinkle injections are more suitable. That’s why we invite all our clients to a personal consultation at our Essex aesthetics clinic. We can answer your questions, get to know your concerns and create a tailored treatment plan that works for you. 

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