What Causes Excessive Sweating and How to Treat it

What Causes Excessive Sweating and How to Treat it

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If you suffer from excessive sweating – also called hyperhidrosis – you’re not alone. Not only does this condition affect many people (men, women, and teenagers), but it’s also become more accepted as celebrities like Halle Berry, Cameron Diaz and Steve Carell have either shared a diagnosis or are rumoured to be sufferers.

Having said that, what matters is your happiness and confidence and getting your condition under control. Don’t suffer in silence – there’s help available right here at our aesthetics clinics in Rickmansworth & Buckhurst Hill. Find out what causes hyperhidrosis in today’s blog, and how to seek treatment.

Excessive sweating: do you have it?

Many people don’t know whether their sweating is a medical problem, just a little on the heavy side, or, in fact, totally normal. So, a diagnosis is always the best starting point. But to give you some idea of what might indicate hyperhidrosis in a patient, you may have the condition if:

  • You sweat excessively, even when it’s cool weather and you aren’t exercising
  • Your sweat often goes through your clothing or develops patches
  • You wash two or more times a day or regularly change clothes
  • You find yourself anxious about socialising due to your sweating

We can help diagnose the problem, so if you’re unsure, just get in touch.

Excessive sweating causes

Hyperhidrosis is caused by your sweat glands overproducing sweat. This can be led to genetics, caused by illness or medications, or be linked to hormonal changes, such as through menopause. Sometimes, it’s not possible to diagnose a cause or link. Some experts also believe food and drink can play a role, in triggering the condition.

Botox for hyperhidrosis 

Our top recommended treatment for hyperhidrosis is botox injections, which help to block signals between nerves and the sweat glands and therefore reduce the amount you sweat. However, botox is a temporary fix and your hyperhidrosis will return without regular treatment. Thankfully, some sufferers find their hyperhidrosis reduces or even reverses with time. It can be helpful to keep a diary of your observations (size of patches, number of changes of clothes) to keep track of your condition.

Help with hyperhidrosis

At our Rickmansworth & Buckhurst Hill skin clinics, we help people of all ages with their skin and body concerns. We know how debilitating excessive sweating can be, and want to help you live life to your fullest once again. Talk to our experts today for your personal botox consultation. Just visit our contact page to get started.