What Skin Concerns Can Be Treated With IPL Laser

What Skin Concerns Can Be Treated With IPL Laser

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Ever wondered about our IPL skin rejuvenation treatment and how it can help you? Today, our experts in Rickmansworth will explain what this treatment is, how it works, what it can treat, and some of its many fantastic benefits, so you can make a decision about whether this treatment is right for your skin. Let's get started.

What is IPL laser?

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light therapy. It's carried out by our Specialist Laser Aestheticians and is a non-invasive laser treatment that can restore and rejuvenate your skin.

How does IPL laser treatment work?

The treatment uses pulses of light energy to target problem cells while leaving the surrounding area unaffected. Targeted cells are either broken down and absorbed by the body, or brought to the skin's surface to 'slough off'.

What can IPL laser treat?

Intense Pulsed Light can be used for a range of skin conditions, from sun damage and pigmentation to redness and acne scarring.

Where can I have IPL laser treatment?

It's possible to have IPL on lots of different areas of the body, but most people have the treatment on their face, neck and upper chest region. Some also have their hands treated. Bear in mind you'll need up to six treatment sessions (taking anywhere from 15-60 minutes) for the best results, but we'll discuss this with you during your consultation.

What can I expect from my results?

You'll likely see an immediately visible improvement to the treated area, but we do recommend a course of treatment. And because your skin will need to renew, full results aren't expected for a few weeks post-treatment.

Does IPL laser treatment hurt?

No, most people don't report any pain and an anaesthetic isn't needed. Our clients are able to go to work immediately following IPL laser treatment, though the skin may feel a little sensitive for a couple of days.

How can I care for my skin after IPL laser treatment?

After the procedure, your skin may feel sore and tender, and redness may be present - not uncommon to a mild sunburn. You may also experience some swelling. For these reasons, we recommend cold compresses or a specialist gel, such as one containing Aloe Vera, to soothe the area. We also advise against sun exposure and heat treatments for a couple of days after your treatment, so use a suitable sunblock and cover up if you do go out in the sun. Finally, make-up can be worn after treatment.

Will I need a consultation?

Absolutely - we'd never advise on any treatment at our Rickmansworth skin clinic without seeing you first. Not only can we assess your skin and needs, but we can also answer your questions and give you time to get comfortable with our skin clinic and what's involved in your laser treatment.

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