Who can receive laser facial hair removal?

Who can receive laser facial hair removal?

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Removing body and facial hair can come across as a tedious and time-consuming task. For women who wish to remove body hair and facial hair, traditional hair removal methods can be frustratingly short-lived and uncomfortable. Shaving can often prompt the hairs to come back thicker and darker, for example, shaving facial hair can be very distressing.

Who benefits from laser facial hair removal?

Facial hair removal using technology like IPL can benefit both men and women who are looking to permanently limit the growth of their wanted facial hair. Laser hair removal for the face works best with darker hair, as it’s the pigments within these hairs that absorb the laser light. The darker the pigments, the better absorbed the laser light and therefore the more effective the treatment will be. Other shades such as black or brown hair responds typically very well to treatment, and blonde or red hair will require a consultation to determine your stability. When it comes to skin types, laser technology has come a long way with traditional IPL hair removal systems in the past only being able to treat pale or fair skin because of the contrast against the hair pigment.

Laser facial hair removal for those with PCOS

Polycystic ovary syndrome is a common condition that affects a women’s ovaries. It’s thought to affect around 1 in every 5 women in the UK. One of the signs of polycystic ovary syndrome is the high levels of male hormones known as androgens, which can be characterised by excess facial or body hair. Laser hair removal for the face and body for women with PCOS is a very liberating treatment that can help those experience the syndrome take control of their unwanted hair growth.

Laser hair removal treatment time

It’s advised that you should receive 4-8 treatments of laser hair removal, though this will very depending on the individual’s hair type, skin tone, and treatment area. This is because facial hair removal can only target your actively growing hairs and not all of the hairs in the treatment area. Repeat treatments ensure we’re able to treat as many hairs as possible at different times, achieving a fuller coverage and longer lasting results. At the end of this course, you should notice a significant and permanent reduction in the hair growth in the treatment area. Some hairs may grow back because they were not caught by the laser in their growth phase or because the follicle wasn’t completely destroyed, but a top up appointment once a or twice a year will help to remove these and maintain your lessened growth.

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