Why Laser Is The Best Hair Removal Option

Why Laser Is The Best Hair Removal Option

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Looking for smooth, hair-free skin? Whatever your age and gender, any adult can benefit from laser hair removal treatment at Aesthetic Medispa in Buckhurst Hill in Essex. Not only can you get that sleek look you’re aiming for, but you’ll build up your confidence, too. Find out why laser is the best hair removal option in today’s blog.

Laser hair removal Explained

At our Essex skin clinic, we use Soprano XL to treat skin, as it's the leading laser hair removal treatment available. It works by heating the hair follicles, which causes them to break down and prevents regrowth. Where Soprano XL differs from other lasers is that it uses an 'in motion' technology to cool the surrounding skin as it targets the hairs. It's earned a reputation for effective, virtually pain-free treatment.

Other laser hair removal treatments

One of the most frequently used treatments before Soprano XL was IPL (intense pulsed light). However, this treatment had drawbacks because it could only be used on certain skin and hair colours. Soprano XL has no limitations and can be used on intimate and sensitive areas, too (such as the face and bikini area). That’s why it’s our preferred choice in Essex.

Soprano XL treatment in brief

If you decide the treatment is for you, we'll arrange a consultation to talk through it in more detail and understand more about your skin, hair and needs. Any laser hair removal treatment requires a series of sessions for best results because hair falls out and regrows - and the laser must target the hair while it's growing for effective results. While we can advise you better on treatment courses during your consultation, typically, you'll need around 6-8 treatments in total.

Safety and efficacy of Soprano XL

Laser hair removal treatment by Soprano XL is permanent, so your treated hair won't grow back. However, new hairs may appear and existing hairs that haven't been treated will continue to grow and fall out. That's why we recommend a laser hair removal treatment course and occasional top-up treatments to manage your hair growth. Soprano XL is completely safe and is even considered to be safer than alternative laser treatments.

Booking your laser hair removal treatment

Our dedicated team here at our Essex skin clinic can arrange your consultation and laser hair removal treatment, fitting around your schedule to find the best date and time. Give us a call today to book in and we’ll look forward to seeing you soon. You can also contact us through our Facebook page!