Winter skincare for glowing skin

Winter skincare for glowing skin

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Looking great is key to taking better care of yourself according to a study reported on by the Huffington Post. If you’re taking better care of yourself through preventative medicine and a healthy diet, then you will naturally look better too. It’s a positive cycle of events that will benefit you, which is why we recommend a winter skincare to give your body confidence a boost!



Our skin naturally dries out during the Winter months due to reduced protein levels, but overcompensating by applying over the counter moisturisers could have a negative effect. You don’t want to suffer a break out of pimples just before the office Christmas party in a bid to look more hydrated! If you’re serious about making your skin look as great as possible this Winter, then speak to our skincare experts here at the Aesthetic Medispa clinic.


We prescribe bespoke anti-ageing and skin complaint solutions, to best suit the individual. The chemical peels and skin treatments we provide contain active ingredients that can only be used by medical professionals, so achieving dramatic results is more likely than with any product you can buy in the pharmacy, which is ultimately designed to be applied by anyone at all, regardless of their knowledge of skincare.


Chemical peels


One of our most popular winter treatments is our chemical peels. As the name suggests, this involves a peeling of the skin; an exfoliation of the outermost layers, in order to remove damaged or pigmented skin cells. A peel solution will be applied to the skin and left on for a few minutes. This process tricks the body into thinking the skin is damaged in this area and the body’s natural skin-repair response unit is alerted. Fresh, younger, unblemished skin tissue is created to replace the exfoliated layers. Scars, age spots and fine lines will naturally fall away with the discarded skin.


The number of layers removed depends on the skin depth the chemical peel penetrates and this varies from peel to peel. Our practitioner will be able to advise you as to which chemical peel is going to best target the skin complaint you have. Our glycolic peels are lighter and more superficial. You might feel a prickling sensation when they are applied. The results include a glowing complexion, brighter skin and a refreshed look. TCA peels penetrate deeper skin layers and are more intense. They can produce powerful anti-ageing results. You can have a one-off chemical peel, or a course of sessions, depending on what you want to achieve. You’ll be able to discuss all your options with our practitioner during your consultation.




You can buy moisturiser in any pharmacy and you might well have a preferred brand based on trial and error, but how much of an impact have they had on your appearance? The ZO skincare products that we offer can only be prescribed by a medical professional. They target very specific skin conditions and should achieve much more satisfying results than a supermarket product, even if that product does make some bold claims!


If you’re struggling with eczema or rosacea, dull skin or rough skin, we can help. Why not call our Essex or Rickmansworth clinic to book yourself in for a consultation today? We’ll be able to advise you of the sort of results you can hope to achieve. You could be looking forward to a New Year free of the skin complaints that have been plaguing you!